May I help you?

My name is Stephan Hollweg, I am 55 years old and a father of 4 children. I have practiced alternative medicine for 25 years. The main focus of my therapy results from many years of personal experience, and became one of the most important elements in my everyday life.

I also have two other professions, which are very useful in my practice. First of all, I am a master baker in whole-meal bakery. I have worked very hard as a master baker for 12 years, trained a lot of students, established businesses, and introduced advanced training seminars for professionals. Furthermore, I got an education as dietitian and health advisor by UGB (independent health counseling association) and I have worked in this field for 5 years, leading seminars and providing telephone counseling. This causes that patients value my precise advice concerning, among other things, food, bakery and cooking.

hier geht es los...

this way, please…

The birth of my first daughter caused that I came across alternative medicine for the first time and it turned my house into a homeopathic pharmacy. During my 4-year-long education I combined materials and methods from conventional medicine with natural medicine and physiotherapy in order to find reasonable links and complements, which make my practice comprehensive and successful.

I kept working and creating connections, which were transformed into my diagnostic system, thanks to which I am able to help my patients quickly and with great accuracy. I always discuss with my patients how to tackle their problems, and we come up with a tailor-made, individual therapeutic strategy, consisting of ideas coming from my personal therapeutic resources.

you canĀ“t be cured than as a whole