Diseases are multidimensional, therefore my therapies are arranged in such a way, so all dimensions are handled:

  • Bodily complaints, such as back pain, headache or inflammations;
  • Metabolic problems, such as bloats, amalgam contamination or allergies
  • Energy problems such as concentration problems, memory problems or sleeping problems
  • Psychological problems such as depression, fears or mental strain and stress
Infusionen, HCT, Neuraltherapie...

Infusions, HCT, Neuraltherapy…

Now, probably you’d like to know how I will handle your problems. Well, I apply the following methods:

  • Homeopathy: „classic”, for chronic pains, for deep metabolic processes
  • „clinical“, for acute problems situated around one location
  • Chiropractic: gentle methods without burdening your back and joints
  • Bio-Resonance-Therapy: using natural frequencies of your body
  • Intestine repair: Hydro-Colon-Therapy, also with oils and biochemistry
  • Symbiotic control: Regeneration of intestinal flora and immunity
  • Detoxyfying: Chelate, nosodes und infusions
  • Drainage: Nosodes, leeches, fasting counsel
  • Bach flowers: combined with other methods, also on skin
  • Dietary counsel: individual advice, no bans
  • Respiratory therapy: for breaking deep mental blocks
  • Constructivistic Talking Therapy: your cooperation and understanding are crucial