Energetical Systems

In my practice, you will encounter some unordinary methods:

– while diagnosing, I use a single handed rod, which saves a lot of time, and is as effective as laboratories when it comes to lab tests results. You get your test results on the same day and we can start to discuss our therapy plan right away.

– I work with equipment, which was invented by Wilhelm Reich around 1940, such as: a transmission device for signals and vibrations and a device for energizing acupuncture points. Scar treatment, bone fractures, postoperative care and manufacturing nosodes are very effective methods and have no side effects.

– I also have a high-frequencies oscillator, which was built around 1930 according to directions of Nikola Tesla, fit for treating organic-degenerative and gynecological problems, for instance, in case of urine tract inflammation or cystitis, or hemostasis in uterus and on skin. Also, by treating a prostate (cancer or urinary retention).

These devices have sunk into obscurity since 1950’s, but now are being rediscovered by science.


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Question: How is a single handed rod operating?

Such a rod has no intelligence, it only shows current conditions and reactions of a body, connected with the choice of medications and accumulation of heavy metals in body organs.

This happens automatically, since we carry a different charge in the world matter, e.g.: atoms, molecules, ions at different concentrations and, first and foremost, on the move. When charged particles are moving and flow towards each other, we have to do with electromagnetism. This power is measurable! It can be revealed by different devices, but its potential goes beyond limitations of an object. For this reason, e.g. an electrical cable is surrounded by an electromagnetic cloud with a radius of about 50 cm.

Human body, with all the blood and lymph, cerebrospinal fluid and cell plasma, in which metals are flowing towards each other (iron, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium), is also characterized by constant electromagnetism within a range of a few millivolts. Also in case of people, this power goes beyond our bodies. Even up to several meters!

In the presence of electromagnetic cloud, a rod behaves as antenna and shows its user with its lexicon, what conditions and reactions occur in a body. It also shows, if a person is sensitive or allergic to something, e.g. medications, pollen or strawberries.