Therapy concept

A disease always attacks a person as a whole, not his/her particular body organs.

This statement is crucial to medicine; my many years of experience tell me that a therapy can be really successful based on the link between the disease and the environment of a patient. Only then, a suitable solution can be found. For this reason, in my practice, I am guided by the following rules:

Health is a lively self-expression

Every life strives for self-expression; when this process is disturbed, diseases start to occur, accompanied by appropriate symptoms.

“Are you tired every day around 11 am?”

“Do you get diarrhea when you’re stressed?”

“Or do you get herpes when you’re bitter?”

It is not a coincidence when or where a disease starts to occur: these symptoms can be read on a body as on a map, it is possible to associate particular problems with behavioral patterns and influences, and based on it, we may react in a proper, reasonable way. Human body not only has certain reflex zones on feet and hands; it is also a reflection of our lives, both positive and negative experience. It shows us exactly, what we do well, and what we do wrong.

It usually starts with small things, such as tensions or fatigue; next, when we don’t give it any thought, they start to become more serious: we get ill, allergic or depressed. Now it’s time to do something: relax, detoxify or start to eat better, otherwise we start to get illnesses, one by one… It happens very often that my patients already struggle with this dilemma and desperately look for a way out. In a long run, antibiotics are not an answer; the same goes for cortisone and antidepressants…

At this point, our mutual work begins: we get you out of this blind alley, deal with your body and feelings, and we do it for your vitality and comfort.

Patients arrive from different european countries to visit my practice; sometimes they invite me to come to their homes to hold lectures and offer examination and advice, because they can´t leave. So don´t hesitate to contact me for help, even far away.