Involuntary Childlessness

For the last 20 years we have increasing infertility of men, caused by female hormones in table water, plastics, meat and sausages which feminize the male sperm system. It lead to 50% reduction of amount and quality of sperms.

We also detect a steeply rising contamination with environmental pollution like heavy metals, alcohol-derivates, nano-particles, perfume and thousands of artificial molecules coming from agriculture and industrial plants that affect the human tissue in men and women simultaneously.

As a result we assume hormonal weakness (e.g. lh, luteinising hormone, estrogen or testosterone), amenorrhea, the breakdown of reproduction organs, their rhythms and the nidation-capability of the uterus.

In public discussion there is a focus on hormone-levels and the stimulation of glands, ovulation and cohabitation. Even in laboratory and clinic we only find parameters to be risen or dropped to reinstall fertility in women.

Nobody talks about pollution or tissue overload with harmful substances.

If we want women to get pregnant and men to be fertile, we have to realize the circumstances and to detox tissue in their bodies.

In my practice patients are examined thoroughly to be able to locate and eliminate harmful substances and to reinstall health and natural flow. Important information will help to restore the acid-base metabolism, the water and electrolyte balance and the nutrition at home in a daily routine. All domestic applications will be checked, like devices, activities and surfaces in the household, cosmetics, detergents and sources of mould/fungi, affecting health and tissue stability.

This will need time to be eliminated, supplemented or fixed again, but as a result pregnancy very often appears (un)expectedly after a fairly long time when all attempts have been in vain.

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